Guaranteed gifts
1 year VPS or Server rent
Skystore cotton sweater, 250 GB WD USB HDD, 16 GB Apple iPad AIR, Microsoft Comfort Mouse, Cooler Master notebook cooler, 7 "Android Tablet PC, SteelSeries mousepad
VPS 0 EUR. ?
1 vCPU, 256 Mb RAM, 5 Gb HDD, 100 Mbit/s internet speed, Debian operating system
End of the year FREE offer the Low Cost VPS 1
Others says the theires are the biggest
But not, it's ours the biggest!
1 Tb - 1 000 Gb - 1 000 000 Mb full speed webhosting!
Webhosting + PHP+MySQL
1500 Mb webhosting + 1 Gb IMAP email storage, PHP+MySQl and unlimited traffic
low Cost VPS
VPS from 3 EUR per month
1 vCPU, 512 Mb RAM, 10 Gb HDD, 100 Mbit/s
Availability 99,9%
0 - 24 support
On the highway
VPS and rented server have got 1 Gbit/s guaranteed internet speed
Continuous administration and monitoring system
Regular Backup
DAILY backups are available seven days back
High technology
IBM system X servers and IBM TotalStorage storage subsystem
VPS and Infrastructure as a Service solution for your business requirements
Guaranteed bandwidth
We guaranteed the network speed and availability
1 vCPU, 2 Gb RAM, 60 Gb HDD, 100 Mbit/s
Only 0,5 Eur / day

Custom configurations

All our services offer the right solution for your needs! If you have outgrown the current provider, there are new requirements, then you want to develop, please contact us!

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Secure data storage

Our servers are back up every day IBM TotalStorage LTO 5 tape. Backups are available seven days back. This guarantees that your information is safest

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Fault-tolerant infrastructure

Infrastructure and your data are under supervision 7/24. The intelligent fault-tolerant hardware is resulting errors can occur even before the almost before.

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No Joke! Low Cost VPS1 end of the year without any obligation service that is zero EUR! Only a single 5 EUR charge for installation and setup!

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FREE Webhosting

1500 MB webspace, unlimited traffic PHP + MySQL five email accounts free of charge until end of the year! PHP and MySQL running speed is guaranteed!

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FREE Helpdesk

Rent any complete server is free of charge and will be installed / configured for you! Up to then install programs unique services also set!

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Windows VPS

Microsoft Windows VPS and dedicated resources

Server rental up to 4 hours

Outstanding performance excellent price / performance ratio

Linux VPS

Support for all popular Linux distributions

Cloud Mail IMAP hosting

Unique size IMAP e-mail hosting and spam filtering

Regular Backup

Regular daily backups

Gigantic webhosting

Extra size without speed limits

Personalized Solutions

You have a special concept which require special implementation? Current provider is not flexible? Tell the vision and we will help in implementation!

Personal contacts

You don't one among a many! Do you feel that others do not get enough attention? You feel at home at Skystore!

We pay attention instead of you

The services are provided to you for 365 days and are under the supervision 0-24

We shows the way

For us it is important that your business function well so we advise IT issues free!

What can SkyStore?

The SkyStore’s infrastructure is available 99,9% all year. Whether you rent a server or VPS night -t or webhosting, these services are at your service 365 days a year day and night.

We do not know the impossible! Finding the right solution for any IT problem and needs. If you've "outgrown" actually service operator („High CPU usage!” - „Use a lot of memory!” - „Too many visitors!” etc.), then you are in the right place. There is no compromise!

Our prices speak for themselves. How can we provide world-class service such a good price. Call us and we tell you!

Free resources

Availability 99%
Rented servers 44%
Internet Backup free capacity 60%
Free hosts 45%
Free webhosting capacity 70%
The force is with us
8 - 10 Gbit /S FC SAN STORAGE network
Rent server with 2 x 8 Core 3 Ghz CPU!
IBM System X 3550 M3 servers with INTEL XEON CPU and up to 128 GB RAM and 1 Gbit/s internet speed!
Data storage in the cloud!
Web hosting, IMAP Email storage, VPS, Internet Backup
CloudMAIL IMAP Email solution
Unlimited email accounts 3 000 Gb shared storage, SPAM filter, webmail, daily backup!
VPS with Microsoft or Linux operating system
2 vCPU (dedicated) 2 Gb RAM (dedicated) 40 Gb HDD 200 Mbit/s internet: 16 EUR / Month
Switch to velocity of light
SSD and SAS RAID Storage "NO LIMIT" bandwidth
Reach the goal!
Special webhosting for webshops with the highest MySQL performance.